I – Cut the Bullshit

Welcome to the podcast from a real-life Brad and Chad duo.

Now, what the fuck happened to film? It really sucks.

Show Notes:

The Substack of Marxist writer Freddie deBoer that Chad is clearly a reader of: https://freddiedeboer.substack.com

An example of woke praise for Nomadland that LITERALLY does not mention Amazon (Slate): https://slate.com/culture/2021/04/nomadland-2021-oscars-best-picture-winner-historic-women.html

If you somehow ignore Disney kowtowing to a regime that puts people in concentration camps, they are totally progressive! (The Conversation): https://theconversation.com/i-didnt-have-a-superhero-that-looked-like-me-marvels-new-female-culturally-diverse-and-queer-protagonists-mirror-our-times-160917

Intro Music: https://pixabay.com/music/indie-pop-fun-punk-opener-14343/

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