VII – Like This Podcast to Cancel ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

Let’s play a game of Bodies Bodies Bodies – a new viral TikTok sensation for upper-middle-class woke kids who kill each other in manic witch hunts! After, we can all find Jesus through the (very entertaining and solidly made) gospel of Black Phone.

Show Notes:

Finally, our Ferris Bueller questions will be asked: 

Let’s dig John Hughes up and #MeToo his movies! 

This show Tolkien didn’t write or produce is very Tolkien: 

Chris Gore’s thoughts on alienating audiences: 

Evil Dead’s global bans and censorship:

Fahrenheit 451 was censored a bunch of times, because reality loves creating irony: 

Campus free thought and speech concerns: 

Opera students want operas updated to fit the times – and the schools are too cowardly to tell them to fuck off: 

E.T. guns once removed now restored:

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