X – Oscars So Blue

From The Fabelmans to Avatar: The Way of Water, Hollywood feels increasingly out of touch, both in its ability to capture what it means to be a person – and to re-capture what it meant to watch a Blockbuster in the theatre. Opining on their growing dislike of movies, the boys analyze similar trends in comic books and video games that leave us feeling empty, in a constant state of consumption, waiting for the next unnecessary sequel or piece of content. 

Show Notes:

It was apparently the “wokest” Superbowl ever:

The transparently performative, superficial diversity and inclusion standards at the Oscars:

George Santos embodies the times:

M3ghan 2 was always coming:

James Cameron altering future Avatars based on audience feedback:

Not everything is made for you:

Link to Film Threat, since we cite Chris Gore all the time:

Link to Sacred Symbols, since we reference Colin Moriarty’s video game coverage all the time:

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