Episode 31.5 – The 2014 Tangent Awards!

The Cinematic Tangent wraps up their review of 2014 cinema by handing out awards for a variety of overlooked categories. What movie ‘Doesn’t Know it’s a Movie’? Which film ‘Did the Most Damage to My Inner Child’? What’s the ‘Biggest Waste of Film’ for 2014? Listen and find out!

Episode 31 – Top Ten of 2014

The Oscars are over. Now it’s time for The Cinematic Tangent to talk the top films of 2014.

Episode 20 – The Tale of Two Oldboys

How can the original Oldboy be so brilliant when the Spike Lee remake sucks so hard? After some lackluster plot summary, Brad and Chad dig deep into what makes Oldboy such a cult favorite and where the American re-make goes terribly wrong.