Episode 22 – ‘Gone Girl’, ‘Love Is Strange’, and ‘The Boxtrolls’

David Fincher returns with Gone Girl, which is stirring up a fierce feminist debate. Is Love is Strange aware that it’s supposed to be a movie? And does The Boxtrolls fill the void created by the unfortunate demise of Pixar?

Episode 21 – ‘The Maze Runner’ and Young Adult Cinema, ‘Chef’, and the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Are you bored with all this ‘young adult’ cinema yet? Is Chef the best movie of the year? And sure, the Ninja Turtles are awesome, but will the new movie give you shellshock? This and more on the latest episode of The Cinematic Tangent.

Episode 20 – The Tale of Two Oldboys

How can the original Oldboy be so brilliant when the Spike Lee remake sucks so hard? After some lackluster plot summary, Brad and Chad dig deep into what makes Oldboy such a cult favorite and where the American re-make goes terribly wrong.

Episode 19 – ‘Boyhood’, ‘Under The Skin’, and ‘Venus In Fur’

The guys drunkenly talk the biggest film event in more than a decade: Boyhood. Afterwards, there’s a heated discussion about Under the Skin, which Brad calls “pretentious”. Plus, the guys slur their way through a talk about Roman Polanski’s latest masterpiece, Venus in Fur.

Episode 18 – ‘Guardians’, ‘Apes’, and Aesthetics

I am Groot! The Cinematic Tangent agrees, Guardians of the Galaxy is the greatest Marvel Studios film to date. Plus, how the hell did Dawn of the Planet of the Apes end up being so fantastic? There’s also some talk about film philosophy and aesthetics – what happened to the movie magic we experienced when we were kids?

Episode 16 – A ‘Godzilla’ Sized Failure

Chad almost loses his mind while ranting about the new Godzilla (2014). The guys talk Gojira films, monster movies, and Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Plus, there’s some talk about 2014 cinema. Will anything surpass the bar set by The LEGO Movie? If X-Men: Days of Future Past turns out to be bad, is the entire summer blockbuster season a bust?


Episode 15 – Mark Webb is Amazing (Spider-Man 2)!

This Podcast contains spoilers! Mark Webb returns to the Spider-Man universe, and Brad’s review may surprise you. The guys talk Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mark Webb, and all the movies in the web-crawler’s past. Plus, there’s some talk about X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, and the Bryan Singer scandal. Is it ethical to separate art from artist?

Episode 14 – ‘Captain America 2’, ‘Avengers 2’, and Marvel’s Round 2

Brad and Chad talk Captain America: The Winter Soldier, comic book films, and superhero movies in general. Brad feels vindicated when he learns that his co-host may have finally had enough of the Marvel movie formula. Is Avengers 2 destined to be average? Will Guardians of the Galaxy be out of this world? Tune-in and let’s discuss the future of the comic book movie.

Episode 12 – Aronofsky, ‘Noah’, and Christian Cinema

Is Darren Aronofskys Noah good? Chad and Brad break down this Bible epic.

Episode 10 – Top 10 Films Of 2013 (Part 2)

Brad and Chad conclude their discussion of the top films of 2013.