Episode 26 – Mocking ‘Mockingjay’

The guys delve deep into the first part of the third Hunger Games. Where did the strong female lead go? Plus, there’s some talk about Golden Globe nominations for 2014 and the insane trend of teaser trailers being teased with teaser trailers. Also, have you seen the cool new Star Wars footage?


The Lost ‘Hunger Games’ Episode

Originally recorded on 2/25/2014. Brad and Chad talk the Hunger Games series and the growth of young adult cinema.

Episode 25 – ‘Interstellar’

Spoiler Warning! Is Interstellar out of this world? Is this Christopher Nolan’s Best film to date? Plus, the guys debate the merits of Inception and rant about theatre etiquette.

Episode 24 – ‘Men, Women & Children’, ‘Labor Day’, and the Films of Jason Reitman

The guys enter a group therapy session to recover from watching Men, Women & Children and Labor Day, the latest films from director Jason Reitman. Where has the guy who directed masterpieces like Juno and Young Adult gone?

Episode 23 – ‘Fury’ and a Bunch of Tangents

Is Fury the best war film of the last decade? Does David Ayer successfully bring his penchant for moral complexity to World War II? After the war, the conversation seems to devolve into one all about random movie madness.

Episode 22 – ‘Gone Girl’, ‘Love Is Strange’, and ‘The Boxtrolls’

David Fincher returns with Gone Girl, which is stirring up a fierce feminist debate. Is Love is Strange aware that it’s supposed to be a movie? And does The Boxtrolls fill the void created by the unfortunate demise of Pixar?

Episode 21 – ‘The Maze Runner’ and Young Adult Cinema, ‘Chef’, and the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Are you bored with all this ‘young adult’ cinema yet? Is Chef the best movie of the year? And sure, the Ninja Turtles are awesome, but will the new movie give you shellshock? This and more on the latest episode of The Cinematic Tangent.