It’s the 12 Days of Christmas Movies!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

We would say “Happy Holidays,” but for some reason that seems to piss people off. Plus, Donald Trump is President now, and we’re trying to stay in his good graces. That dude really loves Christmas.

Anyway, in an effort to be less cynical about holiday joy, The Cinematic Tangent will be counting down the days to Christmas with our very own 12 Days of Christmas Movies extravaganza!

Over the next 12 days (including Christmas Day!) we will be watching the best and the worst films this wonderful season has to offer.

Wait, why don’t we just watch the classics, you ask? Well, because Christmas is a strange juxtaposition of good and evil. On one end of the tinsel-laced spectrum, you have consumerism and being forced to see a bunch of family members you don’t like. Nothing about either sounds cool.

But, what is cool about Christmas is the charitable nature humans spontaneously manifest in order to be Christian once a year. Considering that, it’s hard not to feel a little bit of Xmas magic.

In an effort to reflect the complicated emotions Christmas brings, we will watch 12 Christmas movies – the good, and the crap.

Check back here every night to see what we’re watching – and if you feel up to, share your thoughts with us on Twitter: @CinemaTangent.

The 12 Days of Christmas Movies begins on 12/14/16.

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